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Starts at

$4000 annually

Starts at

$3000 annually

Starts at

$3000 annually

Starts at

$3000 annually

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Suggested Bundles


The Clean Data Bundle

Your first act in improving your CRM is to clean up dirty data and duplicates. With The Clean Data bundle, you’ll have access to both CleanCRM and CleanImport, which will enable you to remove duplicates and raise the bar of your data quality.

The Search and Find Bundle

Once your data is clean, you’ll need better tools to find it the CRM. Elevate your search capabilities with this bundle, which includes the fuzzy logic search tool ActivePrime Search. Take search even further with ActivePrime PowerSearch, where you can find data outside your CRM and use it to enrich records.  


The Clean and Search Bundle

What are the biggest inhibitors to adoption? Dirty data and a search that isn’t consistent. Address both of these challenges with this bundle that includes CleanCRM and ActivePrime Search.

The Maximize Value and ROI Bundle

Your CRM is a huge investment, and it should deliver revenue rather than just being a cost. Search smarter and create lists with this bundle, which includes ActivePrime Power Search, Power Search add-on for CleanEnter, and ActivePrime Power List.

The Dedupe and Search Bundle

With our full suite of deduping tools—CleanCRM, CleanEnter, and CleanImport— enjoy duplicate-free data. Ensure you find every duplicate with ActivePrime Search, the fourth product in this high-value bundle.


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